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Mini Purge X Flux continu zone 1/21

Mini Purge X Flux continu zone 1/21
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The MiniPurge system provides a full purge and pressurization system for applications requiring Class 1 Division 1 Groups A-D and/or Zone 1 (21) IIC approval. When fitted to a suitable enclosure; the system enables regular electrical equipment to be operated safely in a hazardous location.
Certified in accordance with international standards and codes, the MiniPurge system controls the purge and pressurization process. Initially, the system allows a high flow of, purge gas, usually compressed air, and measures that flow at the Relief Valve exhaust. Providing that flow is sufficient, the purge timer is started. After completion of the purge time, flow of protective gas continues at the selected rate. This flow may be required to dilute an internal source of hazardous gas released. Internal pressure is thus maintained above external pressure, preventing potentially explosive gas/vapour from entering the enclosure. In this state, the system interlock allows external power to be supplied to internal equipment, either directly or via a separate interface unit.

For enclosures with an internal release of flammable gas or vapour, the Continuous Flow setting is selected to reduce the concentration to below 25% LFL (LEL), with reference to the applicable Codes and or Standards.

Industrie : Surface II
Environnement : Gaz
Environnement : Poussière
Mode de protection : EExp -
Gaz : II C 
Zone :1 2 21 22
Matériaux : Inox

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